Casting capacity

Possess ten resin sand processing line, the processing capacity is up to 220 tons / hour; thirteen American Inductotherm electric furnaces, the largest single smelting capacity is 40 tons. Eleven heat treatment furnaces, the maximum size of(is) 8 x 6 x 6m. The foundry is equipped with painting workshop with size of 14×12×8m. Currently, the largest single product weight is 100 tons, and maximum lifting capacity is 320 tons.

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Casting capacity
The scene of Foundry
Casting molds
Himile has a professional team engaged in casting molds solid 3D modeling, structural design, simulation analysis, machining and testing to provide a variety of high quality and complex high/low pressure Cast molds, gravity Casting molds, sand casting molds and cold/hot core box molds for domestic and foreign auto industry, gas turbine industry, compressor industry, engineering machinery industry and the internal combustion engine industry. Thereby, Himile achieves one-stop service for mechanical deep processing.
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Industrial pumps shell mold
Core box
Compressor gear box mold

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